The Garden: Winter jobs & planning for the year ahead!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

… Often the winter months in the garden can seem very quiet , but we have found plenty of jobs to get on with here at Cross Lane House. We have been out in all weathers pruning, mulching, clearing , building and sorting the potting shed, all in the hope that we will have created something beautiful for our guests to enjoy when they are able to…

“The wonderful thing about tending a garden is planning and the hope of what the next season will bring. We all need something to plan for and look forward to at the moment and the garden is the perfect place where we can do that. What ever bit of growing space you have , big or small , there is always something to look forward to.

Dare I say it, but one of my favourite winter garden jobs by far is sitting indoors, by the fire with a steaming mug of tea (or a good glass of Merlot), looking through seed and dahlia catalogues. It is during these times that I can be transported to warmer days and an even better garden that the year before.

My list will always include old favourites that a cottage style garden should never be without. Cosmos, Sweet Peas and Dahlias to name a few, and within those there are always new and exciting varieties to try.

I have already sown our Sweet Peas and they are very happy in the cold frame. They are incredibly hardy withstanding up to -7 degrees. They will be working hard on producing a good root system ready for transplanting out in March. Their frills are always a huge favourite with everyone and we cannot wait to dot them around the house again with their unmistakable scent filling the air. We had some fantastic flowers last year, that just kept on coming and we are looking forward to some new, fun varieties for this year!

As the light levels begin to increase in February (yippee), I plan to sow our favourite foxgloves from the Dalmatian series. Unlike the biennial varieties that are sown in June to flower for the following year, these beauties will flower in their first year and for a much longer period.

I will also be sowing some perennials such as:

Achillea Millefolium, 'Cerise Queen'

Gaura Lindheimeri, 'Summer Breeze'

Dianthus Carthusianorum

Sowing perennials, especially those that flower in their first year, produce lots of good sized plants, and all for the price of a seed packet. I find Chiltern seeds is my equivalent of a sweet shop. They are superb and have a huge variety of seeds, with good germination success rates too."

Denise 🌸 Head Gardener

.... So as we continue to dream and scheme for the gardens at Cross Lane House this year, above everything else, we want it to be a beautiful place. A place where people can enjoy and come together again. A place not just to be nourished by delicious home grown food but also fed by the beauty of flora and fauna that surrounds them.

But as we wait for that time to come, we hope that you are also able to plan something new, something that you too can look forward to with loved ones, in a flower filled space.

Happy sowing!

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