June In Bloom

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

"Recently I heard the weather report describing Spring as a season where Winter meets Summer. May was certainly a month when we had late frosts, hail and gales interspersed with very welcome sunshine. But now after a slow start everything in the garden is finding its feet . The alliums have popped, the sweetpeas are rocketing and the hesperis, my personal favourite, has been generous with lots of gorgeous long lasting frothy blooms, I would highly recommend her if you haven’t already discovered sweet rocket.

Hespiris ( sweet rocket - white flower pictured above) is a biennial and now is the time of year to sow them. Other biennials to sow now for flowering this time next year would be foxgloves, wall flowers and honesty to name just a few. Biennial plants can often bridge a gap in the garden, flowering just after the spring bulbs have finished and before the high summer plants such as cosmos and dahlias really get going. You don’t need a greenhouse , just sow them into seed trays or directly into the garden where you want them to flower next year.

Earlier in the spring we were very excited to be offered an unwanted greenhouse. We painstakingly took it apart, labelling each frame and pane and transported it back to the kitchen garden. It was a labour of love and well worth it. Our little upcycled greenhouse has been bursting at the seams with all sorts of vegetable and flower seedlings that have now been planted out into the garden - It has been wonderful!

Another exciting project that we undertook during the winter months was clearing a large piece of land behind the kitchen garden called The Paddock. After some major and long overdue TLC it is a beautiful space again where the trees can breath and the cow parsley and oxi daises have benefited from #nomowmay. I can say from experience that it is the perfect place to enjoy Bill’s popular cocktail English Garden, it comes highly recommended.

Whatever your plans are during the coming weeks we hope you manage to relax and enjoy this wonderful season of high summer and all it’s beautiful abundance. We think it’s just the best."

Denise 🌸 Head Gardener

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