Hurray for Spring!

Updated: Jun 23, 2021

Spring is well and truly in the air and with our re-opening just around the corner, there have been plenty of Gardening jobs to be getting on with ready for our guests and the warmer weather! An insight into what's happening in the gardens here at the moment :

...."It is often said that March and April can feel like Winter in the shade and Summer in the sun, how true that is . On a warm day I have to contain my enthusiasm for seed sowing too early, knowing that the next day might feel like the depths of Winter again. They say don’t sow any seed into open ground until the soil has warmed up and you can sit comfortably on it with a bare backside ! Perhaps not the best advice ? But you get the gist. However, I have somehow managed to fill our newly acquired greenhouse (more on that next time). It is bursting with tiny seedlings such as squash, our favourite is Crown Prince with wonderfully delicious orange flesh and it stores well too. We have also sown some more weird and wonderful gourds which of-course won’t be on the menu but are great fun for decorating the house in the Autumn.

Our dahlia tubers are also waking up from their winter hibernation and will be pumping out lots of gorgeous blooms for the bedrooms and restaurant from mid summer until the frosts arrive again late into the Autumn. To me these signs of new life hold so much anticipation and promise of the beauty and bounty yet to come, there is so much to look forward to.

We have also been busy mulching the flower and vegetable gardens with plenty of well rotted manure from one of our neighbouring farms. Mulching helps to suppress weeds and keep moisture in the soil while feeding it at the same time. We aim to use the organic No Dig principles on the garden here at Crosslane house, this method is championed by Charles Dowding. If you are interested in the huge benefits of not digging your garden (and saving your back at the same time) Charles is your man:

And finally I say “Hurray for Spring “ because it signals to me the opportunity to eat outside , we are so looking forward to the opportunity to do just that here at Cross Lane House. As we slowly begin to mingle again there is no better place to spend time together , sharing good food , than in a garden . Maybe it is because I am a gardener and I am slightly bias but doesn’t food and drink always tastes better outside?

I hope Spring has sprung where you are. Enjoy."

Denise 🌸 Head Gardener

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