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Sorry we are now closed


Our business is now closed

(As of 22 Aug 2022)

There is no easy way for us to break this news but it is with a very heavy heart that we inform you our business here at Cross Lane House will be closing and will therefore cease trading at the end of August 2022.


As you will know over the past few years we have had many challenges and hurdles to overcome – but it is with a huge thanks and gratitude to our hard working and dedicated team, our incredible local suppliers  and our wonderful customers, that we remained  busy and survived it all - right up until our last day.

We have met some incredible people, made some lifelong friends and have been honoured and privileged to play a small part in so many beautiful celebrations. We have hosted; family re-unions, Weddings, Birthdays, Christenings, Engagements, Baby Showers, Anniversaries and so much more! Thank you to you all for trusting us with these special occasions. 

We have had the pleasure of welcoming guests for overnight stays from as far as; Australia, Thailand and America as well as guests who live a little closer to home (as close as Porlock). We are so pleased that our little humble abode has been enjoyed by so many under our ownership. 

We can’t tell you how much we have enjoyed our time at Cross Lane House and we want to assure you that we have done everything we can to avoid a full closure. We will sad to see the business close, not only for our hotel & restaurant customers and for the local community who have been able  to enjoy our offering over the years, but also because of the amount of work and investment we have put in to turning Cross Lane House into the successful, award winning business it has become. 

We will look forward to seeing what the future holds for this lovely property and we hope that visitors will still be able to enjoy some of what we’ve been able to achieve here but in a slightly different form in the coming years. 

Again, we want to thank all our lovely customers who have supported our business endeavours, from lockdown takeaways through the bar window to restaurant bookings, events and hotel stays! You have made our time at Cross Lane House a memorable one and we are eternally grateful for the experiences that we have had and the many friends we have made along the way.

Big Exmoor Love ,
Ellen & Billy x



Q: I have been gifted a voucher - can you refund me?
A: We appreciate many of you will still have vouchers to redeem with us that have been gifted to you. For any vouchers that are still valid from 20th August, we will be happy to refund the voucher value. The refund will need to be processed to the original purchaser. If you have a voucher, please e-mail us on by the end of September with you voucher details and we will be in touch.


Q: I have a hotel booking with you - what do I need to do?
A: We have spent the past couple of weeks contacting all our bookings to update them on our positions and to arrange refunds, so you should have heard from us! If you have booked via, we have been in touch with them to discuss, so contact may be slightly delayed. 


Q: Why are you closing?
A: We haven’t gone bust (as some rumours may suggest!). The landlord will be taking the property back in hand and will be exploring an alternative purpose for the property.


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